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The National Association of Institutional Agribusiness (NAIA) was formed by a group of professional affiliated with the American Correctional Association and the various farm programs throughout the United States. Most of the members are holding full-time positions in institutional agricultural or food service operations. NAIA members share solutions to problems for the betterment of the institution’s programs and are also interested in the advancement of the individual as a professional.

Each year up to four persons will be selected to receive the NAIA scholarship Award. Email as a scanned document or mail the entire Scholarship package. Please make sure that all requirements for these awards are included in your packet. Brenda Marino - Colorado Correctional Industries, P.O. Box 1600, Canon City, CO 81212 Questions: Please call Brenda at 719-269-4512 You will be notified when your application has been received. If you have not heard from Brenda Marino within one week of submitting your application please email or call her to check on the status of your application. Deadline for the scholarship application is July 1, 2016. These applications will be screened and selected by the Executive Board of Directors. The recipient will be notified prior to the annual conference.

Up to four $1,000 scholarship awards to individuals who are family members of NAIA members in good standing, and are pursuing either part-time or full-time formal education at the college or graduate level. The funds will be deposited with an accredited college or university to apply toward the student’s tuition and related academic expenses.
  • All scholarship applicants must be a family member of a NAIA member in good standing.
  • A member in good standing may submit more than one applicant.
  • First time applicants take precedence over previous awarded recipients.
  • Applicant must be pursuing a bachelor or graduate degree.
  • Applicant must complete the application form, provide all required attachments.
  • The scholarship will be awarded for the next fall term.
  • Incomplete application packages will not be accepted for consideration.

Each applicant must submit the following materials to the Executive Board of Directors to be reviewed at the Summer Board Meeting:

  • An original, complete application form.
  • A personal résumé, 2-3 pages in length, including future goals and objectives.
  • A short essay on "What impact agriculture has had on you or your family".
  • An official high school transcript.
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation from a non-family member.

Applicants must be a graduating senior or a graduate at the time of application. If the applicant does not graduate as scheduled, he/she must withdraw from the scholarship competition. The applicant may re-submit the following year.

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Approximately 1% to 2% of undergraduate students in Bachelor’s degree programs receive athletic scholarships, a total of about $1 billion a year. Additional facts and figures concerning athletic scholarships may be found in the Backgrounder: Athletic Scholarships.

Of schools with a NCAA affiliation, only Division I and Division II schools may offer athletic scholarships. Division III schools — the most prestigious institutions — are precluded from offering athletic scholarships. Schools with other affiliations, such as NAIA, offer athletic scholarships according to the policies of the associations to which they belong.

The types of scholarships that may be offered include archery scholarships, baseball scholarships, basketball scholarships, crew scholarships, cross country scholarships, fencing scholarships, field hockey scholarships, football scholarships, golf scholarships, gymnastics scholarships, hockey scholarships, lacrosse scholarships, rifle scholarships, sailing scholarships, skiing scholarships, soccer scholarships, softball scholarships, swimming scholarships, tennis scholarships, track scholarships, volleyball scholarships, and wrestling scholarships.

Athletic Associations

NAIA National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics

NCAA National College Athletic Association
The NCAA site provides information about the recruiting process, including information about NCAA rules on academic eligibility and recruitment procedures. It also includes information about NCAA scholarship programs and financial aid for student-athletes, as well as school-administered athletic scholarships.

NCCAA National Christian College Athletic Association

NJCAA National Junior College Athletic Association

AAF Amateur Athletic Foundation of Los Angeles

NFSHSA National Federation of State High School Associations

WSF Women’s Sports Foundation

Sports Scholarship Sites

The following web sites are associated with sponsors of non-college-controlled sport scholarships:

• Michigan High School Athletic Association
• National Strength and Conditioning Association
• Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme
• U.S. Soccer Foundation Grants
• Women’s Western Golf Association
• Adaptive Athletic Scholarship

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