Higher History Britain Essays On The Great

  • I couldn't find a thread for the new Higher history this year so I thought I'd make one. We can share our predictions for this years exam and what topics we are doing etc.

    My topics this year are
    The Liberal Goverment
    Suffragette period

    and Migration & Empire Scotland for my sources.

    Let me know what you guys are doing! what your best at what your nervous for! How your revise best!

  • Does anyone know how to actually get evaluation marks? I can never get above 18/20 in essays because I don't know how to do it. I know you can get up to 2 marks for evaluating 'isolated factors' but obviously before the exam I want to be targeting as close to 20 as possible. Without knowing how to get more marks for evaluation, I cannot do this. Please help someone

  • For evaluation, you essentially have to compare two factors against each other providing a reason why one factor is more important/effective than another. Here's an example from my extended essay which got 30/30:

    Therefore the suffragettes were an important factor in the campaign for women receiving the vote in 1918 to a certain extent. At the start of their campaign they proved very useful in publicising the struggle for women’s suffrage however the work of the suffragettes before the war actually hindered the effort and actually unknowingly proved the arguments against women gaining the vote such as them being deemed as “too emotional” through their very violent and militant tactics as very accurate and real whereas the work of the suffragists did the opposite and proved women were capable of taking part in the political process.

    It is difficult but achievable, you're more or less arguing why one factor is more effective/important than another. Hope this helps!

  • This page will tell you more information about the Higher topic, Britain 1851-1951.

    * The reasons Britain became a democracy

    * The ways Britain became a democracy

    * Women and the vote

    * The Reasons the Liberal Social Reforms happened

    * Impact of the Liberal Social Reforms, 1906-1914

    * Impact of the Labour Social Reforms, 1945-1951

    **Find out more by visiting Mr Marr’s YouTube page or other external websites

    Exam questions on the British topic will involve Essay questions. You can get tips on answering these type of questions here.

    Like this:


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