Data Structure Programming Assignments

Creative Programming Assignments

Below are links to a number of creative programming assignments that we've used at Princeton. Some are from COS 126: Introduction to Computer Science; others are from COS 226: Data Structures and Algorithms. The main focus is on scientific, commercial, and recreational applications. The assignments are posed in terms of C or Java, but they could easily be adapted to C++, C#, Python, or Fortran 90.

Guitar Hero
Simulate the plucking of a guitar string using the Karplus-Strong algorithm.objects, ring buffer data type, simulation5
Digital Signal Processing
Generate sound waves, apply an echo filter to an MP3 file, and plot the abstraction, arrays5
Monte Carlo simulation to estimate percolation threshold.union-find, simulation5
Global Sequence Alignment
Compute the similarity between two DNA sequences.dynamic programming, strings5
N-Body Simulation
Simulate the motion of N bodies, mutually affected by gravitational forces, in a two dimensional space. simulation, standard input, arrays3
Simulate the motion of N bodies, mutually affected by gravitational forces when N is large. quad-tree, analysis of algorithms, data abstraction8
Particle Collision SimulationSimulate the motion of N colliding particles according to the laws of elastic collision. priority queue, event-driven simulation 7
Atomic Nature of Matter
Estimate Avogadro's number using video microscopy of Brownian motion. depth-first search, image processing, data abstraction, data analysis 8
Root Finding
Compute square roots using Newton's method. loops, numerical computation2
Cracking the Genetic Codes
Find the genetic encoding of amino acids, given a protein and a genetic sequence known to contain that protein.strings, file input5
Mozart Waltz GeneratorCreate a two-part waltz using Mozart's dice game. arrays3
Given a dungeon of rooms and corridors, and two players (monster and rogue) that alternate moves, devise a strategy for the monster to intercept the rogue, and devise a strategy for the rogue to evade the monster. graph, breath first search, depth first search, bridges8
8 Slider Puzzle
Solve Sam Loyd's 8 slider puzzle using AI.priority queue, A* algorithm5
Mandelbrot Set
Plot the Mandelbrot set.functions, arrays, graphics3
Draw recursive patterns.recursion, graphics3
Sierpinski Triangle
Draw recursive patterns.recursion, graphics3
Collinear Points
Given a set of Euclidean points, determine any groups of 4 or more that are collinear.polar sorting, analysis of algorithms4
Smallest Enclosing Circle
Given a set of Euclidean points, determine the smallest enclosing circle. computational geometry, randomized algorithm8
Planar Point Location
Read in a set of lines and determine whether two query points are separated by any line.computational geometry, binary tree6
Small World PhenomenonUse the Internet Movie Database to compute Kevin Bacon numbers.graph, breadth-first search, symbol table7
Map RoutingRead in a map of the US and repeatedly compute shortest paths between pairs of points.graph, Dijkstra's algorithm, priority queue, A* algorithm.7
Bin PackingAllocate sound files of varying sizes to disks to minimize the number of disks.priority queue, binary search tree, approximation algorithm5
Traveling Salesperson ProblemFind the shortest route connecting 13,509 US cities.linked list, heuristics5
Open Pit MiningGiven an array of positive and negative expected returns, find a contiguous block that maximizes the expected profit. divide-and-conquer, analysis of algorithms5
Baseball EliminationGiven the standings of a sports league, determine which teams are mathematically eliminated.reduction, max flow, min cut3
Assignment ProblemSolve the assignment problem by reducing it to min cost flow.reduction, min cost flow3
Password CrackingCrack a subset-sum password authentication scheme.hashing, space-time tradeoff7
Natural Language ModelingCreate a Markov model of an input text and use it to automatically generate stylized pseudo-random text.suffix sorting or hashing6
Natural Language ModelingCreate a Markov model of an input text and use it to automatically generate stylized pseudo-random text.Markov chains, graph4
Markovian Candidate
Create a Markov model of an input text to perform speech attribution.artificial intelligence, symbol table6
Word SearchingSearch for words horizontally, vertically and diagonally in a 2D character arraytries7
Redundancy DetectorFind the longest repeated sequence in a given text.suffix sorting, strings4
Text IndexingBuild an inverted index of a text corpus and find the position of query strings in the text.suffix sorting or binary search tree4
Linear Feedback Shift Register Encrypt images using a linear feedback shift register. objects, encryption4
Pictures from Space Detect and fix data errors in transmission using a Hadamard code. 2D arrays, error-correcting codes3
Prefix Free Codes Decode a message compressed using Huffman codes. binary trees, data compression4
Burrows-Wheeler Implement a novel text compression scheme that out-compresses PKZIP. suffix sorting, arrays, data compression7
RSA CryptosystemImplement the RSA cryptosystem.big integers, repeated squaring, analysis of algorithms8
Linked List SortShellsort a linked list.linked list, shellsort4
Batcher SortImplement Batcher's even-odd mergesort.divide-and-conquer, parallel sorting hardware6
Rational ArithmeticImplement a Rational number data type.struct, data abstraction, Euclid's algorithm3
FactoringFactor large integers using Pollard's rho method.big integers, Euclid's algorithm5
Deques and Randomized QueuesCreate deque and randomized queue ADTs.abstract data types, generics5
Linear Congruential Random Number GeneratorFind the cycle length of a pseudo-random number generator using Floyd's algorithm.loops, mod2
Stock MarketPredict the performance of a stock using Dilbert's rule. loops2
Subset SumPartition the square roots of 1 to 100 into two subsets so that their sum is as close as possible to each other.various6
Loops and ConditionalsBinary logarithm, checkerboard pattern, random walk, Gaussian distribution.loops and conditionals1

Here are some Nifty Assignments created by instructors at other universities. They are more oriented towards recreational applications, but are fun and creative.

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