Homework 1 Answers

mkse150   Homework 1


Text book exercise 2.5.1:
(a) Any circle of size n>4. Each node is pivotal for the pair consisting of its right and left neighbor.
(b) Any circle of size n>6. Each node is pivotal for the pair consisting of its right and left neighbor, and the pair consisting of its right neighbor and the left neighbor of its left neighbor.
(c) Any star network of size n>3. The center node is pivotal to every pair of vertices in the graph(off course not including the center node itself), because there is no other path between two vertices other than passing through the center.

Text book exercise 3.7.3:
Only C and E do not satisfy the property.

Text book exercise 3.7.4:
Only C and E do not satisfy the property.

Text book exercise 3.7.5:
Only C does not satisfy the property.

Text book exercise 5.6.4:
Consider the farmers at places 1, 25, and 50. It is easy to see that every pair of them are enemies, as each one of them lives more than 20 miles from the other two. Therefore the graph is not structurally balanced.

Breadth-First Search programming problem:

Counting Shortest Paths programming problem:

Extra credit text book exercise 5.6.4:

The homework problem sets and answers will be posted here. The links for the problem sets will become active after the homework sets have been assigned, and the links for the answers will become active just after they are due. The homeworks are due on the date shown BEFORE CLASS BEGINS. No exceptions. When class begins, you can no longer turn in your homework. A box will be available for you to turn in your completed homeworks early if you would like. This box has my name "Iverson" written on it and is located in Welch Hall, between rooms 2.138 and 2.139.

The homeworks will be graded and returned. Three times during the semester, once before each exam, we will grade your entirehomework as if it was an exam. We want you to become familiar with what is expected on exams. The rest we will only be grading based on effort. For these homeworks it will be up to you to check the accuracy of your answers against the answers we will post.

The points you earn will amount to extra credit that is added to your next exam grade as T-score points or Percentage points, whichever is in your best interest.For exam grades that are dropped, the homework points are dropped as well.Each homework is worth 1 point. For example, if you turn in three homeworks and get full credit on each, we will add 3 points to your next exam score. That means that if you earn an 88 for the next exam we will assign you a score of 91 for the exam.

Do all of the homework. It is OK to work together in groups, but make sure you understand all the homework, every problem, every week. The entire course is built around you doing the homework so you are very comfortable with the material going into the exams!

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