Mira Loma Middle School Homework

Our Feeder School:
James Denman MS

With the Board of Education’s approval of middle school feeders, every K-5 school in the district is matched with a single middle school, known as their middle school feeder. James Denman Middle School is the feeder school for Miraloma ES, Sunnyside ES, Lakeshore ES, Longfellow ES, and Sheridan ES.

The choice process for middle school will give younger siblings the highest preference, followed by a preference for students enrolled in an elementary school that feeds into the middle school (this tiebreaker is based on the school the student is enrolled in for 5th grade), and then a preference for students living in areas of the city with the lowest average test scores (known as CTIP1).

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Denman MS Links

TOURS at Denman are on Tuesdays mornings. Sign up by calling their office: (415) 469-4535

Yahoo! Group for Denman Feeder Schools

Do you have a 5th grader at Miraloma ES, Sunnyside ES, Lakeshore ES, Longfellow ES, or Sheridan ES? 
Join the DenmanFeeders Yahoo! Group to connect with current & future Denman families!

Miraloma Homework Policy

Homework is intended to review and support work that is completed in the classroom. Please encourage reading at home from kindergarten to fifth grade. Homework is not on the SFUSD report card, and it is not always graded; homework is assigned to create good work habits and provide additional practice outside of the school day.

Grade Level Expectations


  • Read, talk, sing, and play with your child whenever possible.

  • Check your student’s backpack and folder every night.


  • Read at least 15 minutes every day and fill out the Reading Log.


  • Read daily for 20 minutes and write two sentences on the Reading Log.

  • Spelling list study and activities to practice pattern of the week.


  • Read for 30 minutes daily.

  • Complete the Homework Menu for the week.


  • Read at least 30 minutes daily and fill out the Reading Log.

  • Complete 10 TenMarks math problems per week.

  • Finish any typing not yet completed in class.


  • Read for 40-45 minutes daily.

  • Read assigned Newsela current events article for Friday discussion.

  • Complete at least 10 TenMarks math problems per week.  

  • Continue work on projects.  

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