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1. Review
Students can review their work and find any troublespots they may have with the topic. Many students do not understand his or her teacher said during class hours; therefore, in order to figure out whether or not a student understands a lecture, we should give him or her homework. In addition, according to neuropsychologist Dr. Sam Goldstein and Dr. Sydney Zentall in the Department of Educational Studies in Purdue College of Education, homework can help students achieve more and receive better marks. However, doing homework not only improves a student's marks, but also improves mastery of basic skills, such as reading, writing, spelling and mathematics. It has been believed that practice makes perfect, or in other words, close to perfect. Therefore, since homework is a kind of practice, homework makes you be close to perfect.

2. Responsibility

The ability to bring an assignment home, finish it in time, and bring it back for marking strengthens the students' responsibility. Nowadays, responsibility is everything. All kinds of careers require responsibility. Therefore, strengthening a child's responsibility will help him or her succeed in life. Furthermore, since many jobs are done within a time limit, it also strengthens a child's ability to complete these jobs in an amount of time. Management skills are also developed. Students must manage all of their homework and keep it in the right spot; otherwise, they will not receive a mark for it.

The sentence that Pro stated is just a claim of policy, but it is not supported by any facts or examples. However, assuming that it is a proper claim of policy, I will refute it as normal. Students are not learning new materials if they do not do homework. Since they got an A from the marks they got last term, that A is not for the current term. In other words, the A is not for the current homework a student has, it is for the past homeworks. Therefore, students should do homework regardless of their marks.

I await Pro's arguments.


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Case 1: Homework shows no proven benefits

Many studies have shown homework has no benefits. In fact, high amounts of homework made many highschoolers drop out! (1) A quote from Harris Cooper, one of the best reasearchers on the subject.

"The conclusions of past reviewers of homework research show extraordinary variability... Even in regard to specific areas of application such as within different subject areas, grades or student ability levels, the reviews often directly contradict one another."

Variabilltiy shows that homework has no benefits, just as it doesn't show it build responsibility or character.

Case 2: Waste Of Time

Homework has shown nonproven benefits, so isn't it just wasting the child's time? Think, the child isn't gaining any knowledge, responsibility or character, what is the use of spending hours and hours on homework.

Rebuttal 1:

Teachers can see if their students are struggling with something based on test scores. I have proved no.benefits with homework. You could say I am gaining writing skills when I carve my name in wood. You could say I am gaining reading skills by reading a menu at a restaurant. Homework has shown no benefits. I can't see how it can help students, as homeworks seems over-whelming. It can also make a student confused or frusterated at a problem he can't solve. It will bring their GPA down even more.

Rebuttal 2:

You can say getting a dog builds respinsibility, yet, if the child chooses not to feed, give it water or give it love, no responsibility will be gained. Why have un-necisary responsibility. I will just cause more stress. All of the skills you say students "gain" from homework are actually gained in regular life.

Rebuttal 3:

I meant, if a student gets an A on the test, he shouldn't need to do homework. You gain no skills with homework. I have proved this.
This argument kinda doesn't make sense.

Good luck!

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