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I don’t have a large family, but I can chime in on what works here, which is very similar to Tristan’s approach. I have four kids, ages 12, 10, 8, and 7. My two littler ones are not fluent readers yet. We also have animals to tend to which play a significant role in working through the day efficiently yet beautifully.

I tend to look at the day in chunks rather than in this-start-time to this-end-time.

Our first part of the day is devoted to waking, dressing, washing, tending the animals, breakfast, Bible, memory, and Latin for the older two girls.

Then we attend daily mass and use the time in the car to sing our hymns and folk songs.

Once home, we tend the animals, everyone grabs a snack, goes potty, and gathers for some table time, which includes math, SW/ULW, phonics, and italics. Here I simply rotate through the children … so say while I’m working on 10 min of phonics with one child, another is working on copywork, another is preparing dictation, and another may be reading her math lesson and getting started. For these lessons I have tried over the years to train them into more independence even for short spurts of time and keeping them all near at the table really helps get those more disciplined subjects done well and without a lot of dwaddle.

At this point my little boys are free to play while my older girls begin their assigned literature (they narrate in the afternoons). I tend the house, lunch, laundry, etc.

We have lunch, listen to our composer, clean up and then we gather for our family liturgy. Here we do picture, composer, poetry, Shakespeare, read alouds, history, geography, Spanish, nature, and catechism, taking breaks as needed for real life which is never factored into paper planning. 😉

Afternoons are free for handwork, outdoors, Irish Dance, art, free reading, resting, playing.

So I tend to think of early morning, mass, mid morning, lunch, liturgy, free afternoons.

Of course, this day-to-day involves little people so I try to be fluid and always close the math and dictation and copywork books before lunch whether or not we are “finished” for that day, move on to our time of liturgy, and simply keep moving ahead vs trying to complete each day’s worth in a day.

We also only school four days a week so I just check off what comes next vs trying to fit it all into four days, and if we trail into a new year with some things, that’s okay as long as there is peace and wonder and happiness in the home.


A simple yet powerful online planner designed especially for the Charlotte Mason method!

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  • Schedule Charlotte Mason subjects such as nature study.
  • Grades aren’t required to track your progress.

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After only 5 minutes of using the Organizer, I was sold. The ease of it, the time it will save, the way it just totally makes your days and record keeping so much more organized. It really is wonderful! I am very happy to say goodbye to the planning, erasing, re-planning merry-go-round I have been stuck on thus far!

Donna D.

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The Organizer has changed my life. I know that sounds dramatic, but truly I have found nothing else that serves me as well as this does.

Tia P.

3. Check off your progress

The Daily Plan shows you which assignments are scheduled for today. Just check off whether your child worked on an assignment or finished it. That’s all there is to it. The CM Organizer records your progress and shows you the next assignment.

If you do one of Wednesday’s assignments on Monday, you can easily record it. If you completed more than one assignment today, just mark off everything you accomplished. And if you unexpectedly have to skip a day of school work, no problem. The CM Organizer will update your schedule to match your pace.

If you get behind recording school work, the Daily Plan has you covered. You can record work from any previous day whenever you have time.

See how easy it is to use the Daily Plan.

4. Create your reports

Quickly create reports of work accomplished for any range of dates, whether it’s the entire school year or yesterday. The CM Organizer can also create attendance and bibliography reports you can use if your state requires those.

See how to create a report with the CM Organizer.

It was wonderful to simply print a report […] to turn in to our cover school. That is a task that could have taken me several days to put together on my own! It is a huge burden lifted to know I will never be behind in my paperwork. It frees me to spend my time and energy with my children.

Tully L.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the CM Organizer an online service?

Because the CM Organizer is online, it’s available any time on any computer or device that can access the internet. You also get the benefit of shared resources from other CM Organizer users. Plus, as we continue to improve the CM Organizer and add new features, those new features are instantly available and you don’t have to install them.

Are my records secure and safe on the CM Organizer?

Only you can see your password-protected records on our secure server. And you don’t have to worry about losing your data if your computer crashes or your hard drive dies; we back up all your information for you.

What if I need to track grades for my state?

You can easily add a note to each assignment to record the grade. Those notes can be displayed on your reports.

My state requires me to keep attendance or a course bibliography. Can I do that with the CM Organizer?

Yes, the CM Organizer can automatically create both types of reports for you with a subscription account.

What would we do without our CM Organizer?! You saved our homeschool, and that is not an overstatement!

Cyndi G.

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