1999 Novel By Ken Macleod Bibliography

Ken MacLeod's comments.
The title comes from two quotes:

“Work as if you lived in the early days of a better nation.”—Alasdair Gray.

“If these are the early days of a better nation, there must be hope, and a hope of peace is as good as any, and far better than a hollow hoarding greed or the dry lies of an aweless god.”—Graydon Saunders

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Summary Bibliography: Ken MacLeod

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  • Author: Ken MacLeod Author Record # 2220
  • Legal Name: MacLeod, Kenneth Macrae
  • Birthplace: Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, Scotland, UK
  • Birthdate: 2 August 1954
  • Language: English
  • Webpages:Blogspot, SF Site, SFE3, Wikipedia-EN
  • Author Tags:science fiction (13), space opera (12), artificial intelligence (9), nanotechnology (7), political science-fiction (3), near future (3), smart gun (2), norlonto (2), wormholes (2), sub-light speed (2), alternate history (2), space movement (1), virtual reality (1), malley mile (1), smart matter (1), tinkers (1), mystery (1), transhuman (1), first contact (1), generation starship (1) and 8 additional tags. View all tags for Ken MacLeod

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Fiction SeriesNovelsCollectionsAnthology SeriesAnthologiesChapbooksShort FictionPoemsEssay SeriesEssays
  • The Falling Rate of Profit, Red Hordes and Green Slime: What the Fall Revolution Books are About (2001)
  • Introduction to the American Edition (The Sky Road) (2001)
  • Introduction (The Fall Revolution) (2001)
  • Commentary: Science Fiction and the World (2002) withNalo HopkinsonandPaul J. McAuleyandJohn CluteandKathleen Ann GoonanandGene WolfeandDamon KnightandAndy DuncanandGwyneth Jones [only as byGwyneth JonesandAndy DuncanandDamon KnightandGene WolfeandKathleen Ann GoonanandKen MacLeodandPaul McAuleyandNalo HopkinsonandJohn Clute]
  • Vorwort (Bedenke Phlebas) [German] (2002)
  • Politics and Science Fiction (2003)
  • Singularity Skies (2003)
  • Does Science Fiction Have to Be About the Present? (2004)
  • Introduction: Charlie's Demons (2004)
  • Outside the Armadillo (2005)
  • 'I Had Seen a Better World' (2006)
  • 2001 and All That (2006)
  • A Brief Critique of Nineteen Eighty-Four as Science Fiction (2006)
  • A Canticle for Wojtyla (2006)
  • A Fish Dinner in Helsinki: A Report on Millennium Finncon, 18-20 Aug 2000, Helsinki Finland (2006)
  • Another View of Russian Capitalism (2006)
  • Conspiracy in the Shadow of Hierarchy (2006)
  • Eight Days in Zagreb (2006)
  • Forty Whacks (2006)
  • Free-Market Think-Tanks Out-sourced (2006)
  • Islands, Funerals, and the Footnotes of Buckle (2006)
  • Libertarianism, the Loony Left and the Secrets of the Illuminati (2006)
  • Molvania Calls (2006)
  • Not a Good Word to Say (2006)
  • Rewriting Humanity (2006)
  • Science Fiction, Liberty, and Literature (2006)
  • Scotland and Europe (2006)
  • Scottish Politics (2006)
  • Seeing Mars from Uppsala (2006)
  • Space (2006)
  • Space Station Hinckley (2006)
  • The Earth Question (2006)
  • The Falling Rate of Profit, Red Hordes and Green Slime (2006)
  • The Inhabitants of the Planets and the Bottom of the Sea (2006)
  • The Joy of Sects (2006)
  • The Midnight Fathers (2006)
  • The Pro-War Left and the Anti-War Right (2006)
  • The Scientist's Apprentice (2006)
  • The Scottish Revolution (2006)
  • The Strange Death of Socialist Scotland (2006)
  • Their Snuff-filled Rooms, and A' That (2006)
  • Trends in Science Fiction (2006)
  • Utopias (2006)
  • Vietnam War Hero Disappoints War Hawks (2006)
  • The Human as Alien (2007)
  • 25 IZ (25 Years of Interzone) (2007)
  • Memories of Sir Arthur C. Clarke (2008)
  • Gattaca (2010)
  • Other Deviations: The Human Front Exposed (2013)
  • The Future Will Happen Here, Too (2013)
  • Introduction (A Canticle for Leibowitz) (2013)
  • Introduction (The Gods Themselves) (2013)
  • Introduction (The Deep) (2013)
  • Introduction (Double Star) (2013)
  • A Paragraph on PKD (2013)
  • Introduction (Half Past Human) (2014)
  • Introduction (The Godwhale) (2014)
  • Introduction: Songs of Stone (2015)
  • Introduction (The Word for World Is Forest) (2015)
  • Uplifted Future? Animals, Biotechnology, and Science Fiction (2015) withSherryl Vint
  • Introduction (Hard to Be a God) (2015)
  • Introduction (A Fire Upon the Deep) (2016)
  • Introduction (Feersum Endjinn) (2016)
  • Introduction (The Man Who Fell to Earth) (2016)
  • Introduction (The Chrysalids) (2016)
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