Importance Of Moral Science Essay Competitions

Moral Values are the worthy ideals or principles that one follows to distinguish the right from the wrong. These ideals or virtues are considered worthy in building up the character of an individual.

Moral Value refers to the good virtues such as honesty, integrity, truthfulness, compassion, helpfulness, love, respectfulness, hard-work, etc.

Students are the future of India. The future of our country depends upon the moral values imparted to them during their student life. Moral lessons should be properly implemented among students in school and colleges.

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Children have an immense power of observation and their feelings are deep-rooted. They always observe their parents at home and their teachers in school.

The method of teaching moral values to students is universal. It is the most important duty of the teachers. If a child misbehaves or tells lies, people blame the parents and teachers.

Children resort to lie for their personal gains. They are really clever and try to get what they want by any means. They will steal and say that they have not. To teach them that stealing or telling lie is bad will be lost labor. It is an unrealistic approach.

Thus examples of honesty and truthfulness in school and colleges are more effective than precepts or moral preaching. Students are very sensitive. They fast copy their teachers. The teachers should always behave properly and set an example. The students look at them as their ideal.

Even some students of cultured and refined families lose moral values if the school environment is not proper.

If a child observes his teachers to be truthful and honest, he shall also imbibe some of their virtues. In schools the textbooks ought to be based on symbolic stories. Mere platform lecture by teachers on the values of truth and honesty would bear no fruit.

These days the government plans the texts of the children on these principles. In History, characters of great heroes, social reformers and prophets of truth are painted through colourful stories. These directly influence the personality of a child. They readily condemn the evil doers and the liars. They follow such allegories or parables as facts and believe them readily. Like a tender seedling that grows if it finds good soil, the minds of student get a solid base.

Teachers are the source of inspiration for students. The relationship between student and teacher is very strong . The moral education can be taught at educational institutions. Our curriculum may include the study of life biographies of great personalities who followed the right path in life.

The process of learning for a child is not magical. It is important that the student has sound base of strong moral values. It calls for much caution and observation from school and college authorities.

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What do the terms ‘values’ and ‘morals” mean? Their deconstruction is wholly subjective, many would say. Still, at the school level, certain widely accepted morals and values are taught to the students through moral science classes. Though they do not carry any marks, they are considered as an important part of the education system.

However, the importance of such classes at the college level comes for some debate. Under the ‘value education’ subject, which is compulsory in a few colleges, students are taught a variety of topics, including (sometimes) sex education. While some students despise this “disciplining effort” by colleges, some say it is OK.

The Hindu EducationPlus spoke to a cross-section of students from different colleges to find out what they think about the value education classes and how useful they are.

Parina Dhilla, BA Journalism, Psychology and English Literature, Mount Carmel College:

Value education depends on what you teach. It is a wide topic which should be split intelligently to suit the age group of the people to whom it is taught. If you teach things like ‘honesty is the best policy’ to college students, they are bound to find it useless and would consider it a waste of time. Teachers should teach things that matter, which will make the students listen to what she is saying and actually pay attention. When the same things are repeated, students lose interest and do not care to listen to what is being said. There should be age-based teaching in addition to a specific syllabus tailor-made for the students to make these classes beneficial. Value education classes should also have interactive sessions about the current issues so that they enhance our knowledge as well. Then the purpose of ‘value education’ is served.

Mekhala, B.Sc Environmental Science, Mount Carmel College:

It’s a very nice and interactive platform given to students. This is somewhere we can exchange our views. It allows us to collectively decide what’s right and what’s wrong. It is amazing to see how everyone’s opinion varies though we are all in the same class. But it gets boring at times. Sometimes, discussion about current issues is a value addition to value education as it shows us where the society is going and how we ought to be in the future.

K.V. Maitreyi, B.Sc Environmental Science, Mount Carmel College:

I believe that value education is important for us but not when we are in college. We need to look at what’s next and what is needed at the hour. More than just value education, we need to be taught something where we have a ‘wow’ feeling. No doubt that it is important but it is only needed at the school level, preferable in middle school.

We need to have classes for topics such as career issues. All the programmes in school or college should be age specific; only then will they mould people in the right way.

Amla Ajit, B.Com, Jyoti Nivas College:

Though it is there at the school level, it should also be there in colleges as it is very important. Classes like these do not let the morals get wiped off. But the problem is that the professors who handle the subject are not at all interested in what they teach.

They do not impart any proper information and also don’t tell us what is right or wrong. Until and unless the teachers who take these subjects are interested in what they teach and are serious about it, the students won’t be able to make proper use of this facility.

Monisha Menon, B.Com, Jyoti Nivas College:

It is good if value education is carried forward from the school to the college level. The sad part is that it is not taken seriously. People are not at all interested and hardly pay attention to this subject. It should start from class six as we are forced to listen to whatever is being said.

Since we are in college now, we are very well aware of moral values but we don’t want to hear people talking about it. Schoolchildren have more listening capacity than college students. It should be taught everywhere irrespective of the age group you belong to.

Rishabh Arora, BBM, Christ University:

Value education is very important for everyone as it explains what value each individual has to inculcate. It may sound very boring and unwanted but the values that are put into us by the teachers form an integral part of our lives. The main thing is to have an unperturbed conscience. These classes also act like a reminder to be sure that we have the right thinking and to bring back to track our thoughts.

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