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Discipline Is a Must at Home and in School

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Discipline is a must at home and in school.
Discipline is the training of the mind and character; the exercise, development and control of the character, intended to produce obedience and orderly behavior. The definition above is apt enough for the type of discipline intended for the young people at school.
The need for disciplining young people cannot be over-emphasized. A wise saying goes “Spare the rod and spoilt the child”. An undisciplined child becomes a spoil child. The disciplining does not necessarily involve the use of cane. It should normally take the form of corrections by the educators through the setting of good examples and verbal corrections. It is the repeated and deliberate tendencies to incorrigibility that should…show more content…

Even when a good spade work had been done on the children with regard to discipline before the children start schooling this good spade work can be spoilt as a result of contact with other children who have not had the advantage from home. It is the duty of the school to ensure that those with pre-school good discipline are still better moulded while those still lacking in many essentials of good discipline are made to be good.
But at home where the children spend most of their time with the parents and relatives, friends and acquaintances, the good work the school is doing can either be helped or hindered. If the children are shown and made to follow the good ideas taught in the school it is necessary that what they and made to act at home be similar to the good ideas taught in the school. If what they do at home are at variance with what goes on in school the children become people of ‘two worlds’ and confusion and frustration result from these conflicting ideas. It is for this reason that the home and the school should mutually seek advice and inquire on what is not properly understood or clear as to the proper upbringing of these children. The children should be made to understand that the home is in the school and vice versa. Neither of the two should be made a refuge from the rigours of the training of the other. When this happens well behaved, responsible and good citizens are bred.
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Free sample essay on The Value of Discipline.  Discipline is the first law of nature. The sun rises and brings the day. It sets and there is night and the moon and the stars are visible. Thus the day and the night alternate to each other. The months and seasons come by rotation. There is no scramble for out maneuvering one another. The elements and compounds all follow their natural prop­erties. The earth revolves round the sun unfailingly and the Law of Gravitation and other such natural laws hold their ground eternally.

Man is a part and parcel of nature. He is also a unit, a unity in the social fabric. Just as if there were no strict adherence to laws by objects of nature, there would be complete chaos, if the human beings do not observe discipline, the entire social struc­ture would fall like a house of cards. For instance, we can violate the rules of the road only at great peril to our lives. A disobedient child may have to face disinheritance from his parents. A student who is not respectful and obedient to his teachers can learn noth­ing and has to repent in the long run. A disobedient public servant may lose his job. In the army an errant soldier can be court- martial led.

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Discipline is not only essential for an individual’s personal success, but also for a nation’s success. Those nations which do not observe discipline can make no progress and may even lose their freedom. Countries like Japan, Germany, and U.S.A China have made tremendous progress only through observance of discipline. A nation’s disci­pline has not only to be social and political in the form of hard and honest work by its citizens and leaders alike, but also fiscal and economic in the form of discarding wastage and lavish spending. Having patriotic thoughts and doing patriotic deeds for the defence and progress of a nation is a part of discipline. Even population cannot be con­trolled without self-discipline by the citi­zens. It is said that discipline is unavoidable for every nation. All nations which do not or cannot observe internal discipline will ulti­mately be ruled by some external power which is capable of enforcing discipline. This is what we have been observing all along in history.

Discipline, as for a nation, is of two types for an individual. The external disci­pline is observable in the form of obedience to superiors like parents, teachers, bosses etc. and in strict adherence to work for excellent results in our mundane activities. But there is also an inner and higher disci­pline which pertains to the mind and the soul. This consists in sticking to high char­acter, high ideals, truth and honesty in the face of all temptations, allurements and coercions. One has to be a man of principle and a man of word. In such cases, one may have to face many privations, tortures and desertion and opposition by sometimes even the near and dear ones. This spiritual disci­pline has been observed most consummately only by the greatest messiahs of humanity who are the eternal beacon-lights to guide man’s destiny.

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