Communication Studies Cape Essays On Abortion

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'anguage (echni&ues!.)ersoni*cation$#ample+ ,the Caribbean e#hales rum culture-t shows the Caribbean as a person breathing out the culture of rum. (he breathing shows how important rum is to the Caribbean and also what a ma/or role it has to play in the Caribbean’s traditions2.yperbole$#ample+ ,following centuries of rumbullion e#posure-t emphasi1es or e#aggerates /ust how long the development of rum has been ongoing. t evokes the feeling of appreciation in the reader.%.magery$#ample+ ,two stone windmills one still house- (his provides vivid description so the reader can relate to the story.

3eliability of nformation!.(he information is taken from the Caribbean 4eat which is a maga1ine. (herefore the information is of a secondary source.  (he information recorded in this article is adapted from ylan 6errigan’s ,3um (ales.- (he purpose of this article is to educate the public about the historical development of rum in the Caribbean+ the birthplace of rum. (he author’s conclusion of proving that the Caribbean ,e#hales rum culture- is proven by the use of e#pert advice and the use of a historical timeline. (herefore7 the source is reliable.

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