Prince Harry Styles And Titles For Essays

The young Prince is reportedly “adamant on leading a normal life”, with sources claiming he will not think twice in shunning some of his royal responsibilities should he marry the US actress.

An insider told Life and Style magazine: “If it comes to it, he’ll put his foot down and say no to some royal duties.

“Harry is strong-minded. He’s adamant about leading a normal life.”


Prince Harry willing to stand up to the Queen and abandon his duties for Meghan Markle

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Prince Harry’s love life

Wed, May 17, 2017

Prince Harry’s love life: A look back at Harry’s girlfriends and rumoured love interests.


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Miss Markle has previously said she is not interested in becoming a Princess because she does not envision her future life to only entail “shaking hands, cutting ribbons and kissing babies in public”.

However, if she followed Kate Middleton’s footsteps, friends have said she will not completely avoid the responsibility, the insider added.

The Prince is reportedly at the brink of proposing to Miss Markle.

If it comes to it, he’ll put his foot down and say no to some royal duties

An insider

The pair are even rumoured to be considering engagement in the next two months, after one unnamed source said Harry is keen to propose to his 35-year-old girlfriend before he turns 33 on September 15.

A source told the Mail on Sunday he could pop the question a week after the Invictus Games.

Speaking to the newspaper, the source reportedly said: “Harry has found the girl he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

"He is fuelling all the talk about the future.”

Another friend told the newspaper: “There’s no question they are madly in love.

“Harry is really happy, and from seeing them together I’d say it’s just a question of when, not if, he’s going to ask her to marry him.”

Meghan, 35, first met Harry in May last year in Canada, where he was promoting the Invictus Games for wounded veterans, which he founded.

The pair bonded over a shared interest in humanitarian and charity work and are believed to have seen as much of each other as possible since the end of 2016.


Meghan Markle said she does not want a life cutting ribbons - alluding to Kate


Meghan Markle's father has given his blessing to her relationship with Prince Harry

Meghan Markle’s father, who gave his blessing to Prince Harry, is said to be “pretty happy” about their relationship.

Her brother told the newspaper: “He first met Prince Harry about six months ago out in Toronto.

"He’s pretty happy about Harry and he’s extremely proud of her.

“They have an amazing relationship, they're very close and they always have been."

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Meghan Markle, 36, is to wed her fiance Prince Harry, 33 in just ten weeks.

Taking place at Windsor Castle, the royal wedding on May 19 is expected to be one of the biggest royal events of the year.

Whilst not much has yet been disclosed regarding the finer details, there has been much speculation on everything from the guest list to the designer of the wedding dress.

Who could sing the song of their first dance at the wedding? Rumours suggest it could be this famous Whitney Houston song.

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When I’m happy I listen to…Whitney Houston

Meghan Markle

The ex-actress revealed her love for a particular classic of the late singer in an interview in 2016.

Speaking to Lifestyle Magazine, she explained what her ‘happy’ song is.

In a video interview on YouTube, she explained: “When I’m happy I listen to…Whitney Houston ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’. Such a good song!”

With her wedding hopefully being one of the happiest days of her life, it could mean the song is one for the wedding playlist.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wedding: What we know so far

Tue, December 19, 2017

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: Everything we know about the royal wedding so far - including the date, location, dress and more.

AFP/Getty Images

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wedding: What we know so far


Royal wedding: Could Whitney Houston be Meghan and Harry's first dance?

The iconic tune was released in 1987 and has since been a karaoke classic since.

Released as the first song from her second album ‘Whitney’, it was her most popular song until the crease of 'I Will Always Love You' five years later.

It is also regularly featured in the stage show The Bodyguard.

Meghan isn’t the only famous celebrity to praise the song as one of their favourites.


Royal wedding: Meghan Markle called the classic song her 'happy song'


Royal wedding: Meghan and Harry are to marry on May 19 at Windsor Castle

Michelle Obama recently shared her Valentine’s Day Spotify playlist for her husband, Barack Obama, with ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ featuring on the list.

Who could be making the cake for the royal wedding?

There are strong suggestions the designing could fall to British brand McVities.

In 1947, they created Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philips wedding cake which was over eight feet tall.

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