Europe In 1914 Map Assignment Europe

History 2P » Unit 1: World War I

Unit 1: World War I

1. The Great WWI Drama: How It Began - class activity
2. Europe 1914 - map
3. Definitions - matching activity
4. The Spark - note
5. The Kaiser - read article and reflection questions
6. Causes of World War I - review note
7. Important People in World War I - cut and paste activity
8. The Schlieffen Plan - note and map
9. Europe 1914 - map QUIZ (Friday, September 12)
10. Reactions of Recruitment - anticipation guide, textbook activity
11. Why Canadians Enlisted - read personal stories and reflection questions
12. The Conscription Crisis - graphing activity

13. Conscription - textbook worksheet
14. Trench Slang - matching activity
15. Life in the Trenches - scrapbook worksheet
16. Weapons Auction - class auction, follow-up "report card" worksheet
17. Learning Stations - 5 station activities with worksheet

18. Life in the Trenches - sensory worksheet (completed using the slide show and reading materials), extension option assignment, review Venn diagram comparison
19. Canadian Land Battles Stations (2nd Battle of Ypres, Battle of the Somme, Battle of Vimy Ridge, Passchendaele) - 4 station activities with worksheet

20. Air Warfare - introductory slide show, textbook worksheet, newspaper article reading and questions
21. War at Sea - introductory slide show, numeracy comprehension worksheet
22. War at Home - conscription and women slide show, war at home textbook worksheet
23. End of the War - horrors of war scrapbook worksheet, foldable booklet
24. World War 1 Summative - assignment and rubric (2 computer lab days)
25. Review - worksheet (10 marks), dice game, crosswords

Unit Test (WWI): Tuesday, October 7, 2014

See below for worksheet, note, and assignment files.

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