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Project Task Assignment

Time and money are some of the most valuable elements in any business activity. People make special efforts that time and money are not wasted in business transactions and activities. The working of many organizations is done on basis of projects. The activities and tasks are broken down into smaller projects. Each project corresponds to completion of a particular objective or goal.

A specific team or group of employees may be directed to work on the project and reach completion. Each project has a given date of completion and dedicated resources. The team is not allowed to spend more than the allotted time or money. The person heading the project is called project managers.

The project task assignment management sheet is a very important and useful document that may be used by the project team for tracking the progress of the project. It contains several information elements like the division of project tasks, goals and objectives to be achieved from each task, employee responsible for completion of task, date and time of completion. The project task template also contains details about the money and other resources that are allocated to each project task and how they are being utilized.

The given template is not only a progress monitoring tool but it is also very useful in maintaining an accountability of the time, money and efforts being put in by the organizational employees and management. In most cases, the project task assignment format remains with the project manager who is responsible for keeping it updated.


Project Task Assignment Management Sheet

Provided by: ENERGY corp.

Project task assignment sheet highlights all the details of the ongoing project. It facilitates in keeping a detailed record of each and every task assigned to individuals. Also, it helps to keep track of the overall performance of the project.

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Work Log Components

The different fields to be filled in the work log sheet are:

1. Department: The department in which the employee works.

2. Date: The date for which the work log sheet is being prepared.

3. Employee Name: The name of the employee who is recording his work activities on the log sheet.

4. Supervisor’s Name: The name of the supervisor or manager to whom the employee reports, as per work hierarchy.

5. Start/Stop Time: In the free work log sheet provided with this article, the time slabs are for half an hour each. The employee is required to fill in the work activities performed by him using these time slabs. However, since most tasks cannot be completed in half an hour, instead of writing the same work activity on each time slab, the employee can just cover the time slabs over which the task continued with a vertical line and put the task name just once against it.

6. Task Performed: The names of the tasks that were performed during the course of the day, like client meetings, preparing reports, etc. There is no need to get too descriptive about the work performed – just a word or two that describes the task is sufficient.

7. Equipment or Resources Used: The names of the main equipment or resources that were used to perform the task, if any, can be added in this field of the work log sheet.

8. Final Remarks: This field is again optional. If the employee has some important remarks to leave about the task, they can be added here.

9. Signatures: Every work log sheet must be signed by the employee as well as the supervisor.

Employers should encourage employees to complete the daily work log sheets and entrust the supervisors with the task of collecting them from all their subordinates on a daily basis.

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