Sask Super Sprinters Assignment

In 2017, I had the pleasure of covering some of the biggest events and most interesting characters in sports. Here’s a list of some of the work that stuck with me, including some context as to how the stories unfolded.

1. Itty Bitty Ballers (Jan. 13)

Before Norman Powell was revealing his hidden singing talents with “no problems,” Jonas Valanciunas was the Toronto Raptors starred in his own “Itty Bitty Ballers” campaign.

I talked to Jonas about the genesis of the campaign and if the website was in fact, real.

2. Why Tom Brady is the most hated QB in football, in nine tweets (Feb. 3)

In the sports world, tweets often tell the story better than the actual games do. Here’s an explanation via Twitter as to why the Patriots quarterback is so hated.

3. Best Super Bowl Commercials (Feb. 6)

Often times the Super Bowl commercials are more memorable than the game itself. In the event you don’t remember the best of the best, I rounded up the commercials that everyone was talking about on advertisers’ biggest night.

4. Stephen Curry and the growing athlete revolution against Trump (Feb. 10)

I feel like I could have written about Donald Trump sparing with athletes all year. Stephen Curry was an unlikely figure to go after, but the two-time NBA MVP didn’t back down to the POTUS.

5. Last days of the Joe Louis Arena (Mar. 30)

This year the hockey world said goodbye to the Joe Louis Arena. In a fun story I headed to the Motor city to learn what the hallowed building meant to not just the Red Wings greats like Mike Babcock, but the hard-working people of Detroit too.

6. A day in the life of Nav Bhatia, Toronto Raptors “Super Fan” (April 24)

The story that most people gravitated to and read/watched was my profile of Toronto Raptors “Super Fan” Nav Bhatia. I had no idea how intricate his game day routine is and how much the game of basketball helped him assimilate to Canada as a Sikh immigrant.

The “Super Fan” is a truly Canadian story on how we can be “United by Sport.”

7. Why the Raptors should trade Kyle Lowry (May 8)

The most controversial story I wrote by far was why the Raptors were better off trading Lowry rather than re-signing him for $200 million. The thought was they could find a path to move on from an ageing point guard without blowing it up. What angered some angry was the fact the story dropped on his birthday, which was a complete coincidence. Luckily, the Raptors were able to re-sign him for much less than $200 million ($93 million guaranteed).

7. Blue Jays Bautista, Stroman snap up Toronto artist’s sports collages (June 6)

How do you go from being homeless to creating art for the Toronto Blue Jays biggest stars? Toronto native Daniel Mazzone shared his incredible story to me with the help of Jose Bautista and Marcus Stroman.

8. Why the CFL is integral to Canada’s sporting identity (June 23)

It is no secret that the CFL is close to my heart. In conjunction with Canada 150, I made this case for both Sportsnet and Maclean’s as to why the CFL is integral to Canadian sports culture.

9. Georges St-Pierre 1-on-1: On walking away, comeback plans, legacy (July 14)

Before Georges St-Pierre beat Michael Bisping he lost to me during an intense Nintendo Switch battle. We talked about legacy, trash talk an how he became a gamer during his time away from the UFC.

10. Photo Essay: A day at the office with Russell Martin (July 26)

Russell Martin does play a sport for a living, but the Canadian attacks his duties as a MLB catcher with a 9-to-5 workmanlike attitude. In conjunction with him being named to our list of the 40 Greatest Blue Jays, I documented all that goes in to his daily preparation.

11. Jamaal Magloire morphs into a leader for Caribana (Aug. 11)

While covering the Caribana parade for Flare and Maclean’s I hopped on Jamaal Magloire’s float to learn why one of the best basketball players Canada has produced is producing a Mas Band at one of Canada’s biggest cultural festivals.

12. Bennett incident shows why athletes should never ‘stick to sports’ (Sept. 7)

When Michael Bennett was a victim of the same police brutality NFL players were protesting about, I felt compelled to write about it due to my own experiences.

13. New NBA jerseys blend fashion, tech to bring fans closer to the game (Sept. 20)

Two of my strongest non-sports interests are technology and fashion. Both play a role in the NBA’s new uniforms engineered by Nike. I headed to Los Angeles for the launch of the jerseys that have changed the content and licensing business.

14. Photographic Memories: Jose Bautista on routine, media, legacy (Sept. 21)

We all know where we were and how we felt during Joey Bats’ bat flip. In his last feature interview as a Blue Jay, before it was certain he wouldn’t be back, Bautista recalled his best moments with the club.

15. #DayoftheGirl Q&A panel with elite Canadian female athletes (Oct. 11)

I thought I had a sense for the plight of Canadian female athletes, but I learned exactly how naive I was on the subject when I did a roundtable with some of our best female Olympic athletes.


The Raptors like no other professional sports team represent Canada’s multicultural nature. Here’s why.

17. Lanni Marchant’s run for gender equality (Oct. 16)

Canada’s best marathon runner is a trial lawyer by day and activist for women’s rights by night. I tried to keep up with her long enough for her to explain how the gender gap in sports impacts us all.

18. Patrick Chan on PyeongChang Olympics, life after skating – (Oct. 26)
Before he headed to South Korea, Patrick Chan allowed me to hang out with him as he threw out the first pitch at a Toronto Blue Jays game where he described the pressure of performing for a country once every four years.

19. Photographic Memories: Mike Babcock and his Saskatchewan Roughriders (Nov. 4)

It’s no secret that Mike Babcock is a diehard Riders fan. The Maple Leafs head coach told Sportsnet what Rider Pride means to him.

20. Inside the real reasons why R.J. Barrett chose Duke (Nov. 23)

The year of R.J. Barrett saw him become the top prep player in his class while also making the honour roll and being named MVP while winning Canada’s first FIBA Gold and then taking his talents to Duke.

We were there along the way to watch him mature before our eyes.

21. Randy Ambrosie: A day in the life of the CFL’s commissioner (Nov. 26)

Covering the Grey Cup is like reporting at a Canadian football version of Mardi Gras with a championship game in the background. This year I saw the festival through the lens of Canadian commissioner Randy Ambrosie.

22. Swimmer Kylie Masse shows us how to break a world record (Dec. 1)

The most talked about U Sports story was lack of parity in playoff football, but it should have been swimmer Kylie Masse setting a world record. In case you missed it, here is how the world’s fastest female backstroke sprinter was trained on Canadian soil.

23. Ujiri’s Giants of Africa platform draws inspiration from Mandela (Dec. 4)

When I previously spoke to Masai Ujiri it was about the culture change around the Toronto Raptors. But this time I relished the opportunity to learn how he drew inspiration from Nelson Mandela and how his Giants of Africa foundation is changing the future of Africa.

24. Photo Essay: THE REDS GET REVENGE – (Dec. 9)

The most fun projects are live event photo essays, embedded in the camera bay close to the action. Soccer is the most photogenic of sports and the MLS Cup Final was no different.

25. Donovan Bailey unplugged: On Kaepernick, ’96 fallout, legacy (Dec. 15)

On the eve of his 50th birthday, Bailey sat with me for a candid conversation on the current social climate in North America, differences between Canada and the United States, racism, Colin Kaepernick and his legacy.

Leases and permits may be assigned, however, separate administrative fees apply for each disposition. All requirements of the disposition must be complete before an assignment can be approved.  Please submit the application in duplicate along with all relevant documents to Support Services, Ministry of Environment in Regina or Prince Albert.

Instructions:  Provincial Park Cottage Subdivisions


To facilitate the legal transfer of park land dispositions including leases and permits to another party when the existing disposition holder wishes to sell the improvements located on the land. Leases and permits can be assigned together or separately as required, however, separate administrative fees apply for each disposition.  All requirements of the disposition must be complete before an assignment can be approved.

Who Completes:

  • The Current Lease Holder (seller)
  • The Purchaser (buyer)

Completion Notes:

  1. Completion of the application does NOT approve the assignment. The disposition is not registered from the Current Lease Holder to the Purchaser until approved by the Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport.
  2. The application must be completed in FULL; incomplete forms will be returned to the applicant(s). 
  3. The Purchaser (s) full legal name must be provided.  The existing property number must be indicated on each page of the application.
  4. A maximum of two individuals can be named per disposition.  Recreational dispositions cannot be assigned to a corporation.
  5. General correspondence will be directed to the address provided for the Purchaser. Both the Purchaser and Co-Purchaser will receive important legal correspondence.
  6. All permits associated with a lease (eg. dock, boat lift or other associated off property installations) must be surrendered by the current lease holder and all improvements removed from park land prior to the assignment being approved.  If the purchaser wishes to maintain the existing improvements or acquire a permit for similar improvements, a new application must be submitted to the park office and approved prior to the assignment proceeding. 
  7. The Current Lease Holder fills out pages1, 2 & 3 and must declare that all lease requirements have been met.  A witness is required for the Current Lease Holder(s) signature. The witness needs to sign before a Justice of the Peace, Notary Public or Commissioner for Oaths (page 3).
  8. The Purchaser fills out page 4 & 5 and must be aware of and agree to all lease conditions as these same conditions will now be the responsibility of the Purchaser.  A witness is required for the Purchaser(s) signature. The witness needs to sign before a Justice of the Peace, Notary Public or Commissioner for Oaths (page 5).

Permanent or Seasonal Residency:

A Permanent resident within a provincial park cottage subdivision is an individual who fulfills one of the following requirements:  resides in the provincial park six months or longer during any twelve month period or whose principal Saskatchewan residence is in a provincial park.

Joint Tenants or Tenants in Common:

When two individuals have an interest in the same park land disposition, it can either be held in joint tenancy or tenancy in common. If tenancy is not indicated on the lease assignment application, tenants in common will apply.

Joint Tenancy – individuals share equal ownership of the property and have the equal, undivided right to keep or dispose of the property. A key element of joint tenancy is the “right of survivorship”. This means that when one joint tenant dies, his or her interest in the property is removed and the surviving joint tenant becomes the sole lessee by completing the proper documentation.

Tenants in common – two lessees own a particular share of the property; if this share is not specified, ownership is assumed to be in equal proportions.  When one tenant in common dies, their interest in the property becomes part of their estate and will be dealt with according to their Will. If there is no Will, their interest will be distributed according to The Intestate Succession Act.

Who can Witness:

  1. Anyone 18 years of age or older and who is not party to the agreement can witness a signature, as long as an Affidavit of Execution is attached. 
  2. The Affidavit of Execution must be completed and signed in the presence of a Justice of the Peace, Notary Public or Commissioner for Oaths for Saskatchewan who is not party to the agreement. 

The Homesteads Act Forms:

  1. The Homesteads Act protects a non-owning spouse when the property has been occupied at any time during the marriage as a family home and both names are not shown on the disposition.  A person can have more than one family home and the property does not have to be currently occupied by both spouses to be considered a family home. 
  2. Forms A and B of The Homesteads Act are to be completed when the property was used as a family home and there is a non-owning spouse. The non-owning spouse should not sign Form A until advised of their homestead rights by a Judge, Justice of the Peace, Solicitor or Notary Public who is not party to the agreement. Form B is to be completed by the Judge, Justice of the Peace, Solicitor or Notary Public who advised the non-owning spouse of their rights; Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport or Ministry of Environment employees cannot complete this form.
  3. Either Form D or F is to be completed when homestead rights are not applicable. Homestead rights may not be applicable for a number of reasons: the disposition holder has no spouse, the property was never used as a family home, the disposition is in both names, the homestead rights have been handled pursuant to The Matrimonial Property Act, or the property is being assigned to the spouse. Form D is to be completed by the Current Lease Holder; Form F is to be completed by a legal representative if the Current Lease Holder is deceased. If there is more than one Current Lease Holder who is not a spouse (eg two bothers), a separate Form must be completed by each partner (photocopy if necessary).
  4. The Current Lease Holder must read the entire list of responses and circle the correct response, leaving the incorrect responses untouched.
  5. The Affidavit must be completed and signed in the presence of a Justice of the Peace, Notary Public or Commissioner for Oaths for Saskatchewan who is not party to the agreement.
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Submit to:

Please forward the completed package to the Support Services, Ministry of Environment in Regina or Prince Albert.

Southern Support Services
Ministry of Environment
3211 Albert Street REGINA SK  S4S 5W6
Phone: (800) 567-4224

For:  Lac La Ronge Provincial Park
Northern Support Services
Ministry of Environment
PO Box 3003, McIntosh Mall
Phone: (800) 567-4224

Upon Submission (to the Ministry of Environment):

  1. Support Services will review the Lease Assignment Application for completeness.
  2. The assignment may be registered and finalized once all requirements have been met.
  3. Support Services will return the registered documents to the appropriate individual/entity (lessee/lender/lawyer).

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