St Olaf Review College Prowler Essay

I would say my experience at St. Olaf has been a bit different than most of my peers. I come from the city, the actual city. And it's been hard adapting to people who come from such homogeneous places. Now I wouldn't necessarily say it's a bad thing but trying to experience a school that prides itself on open mindedness and acceptance of all people becomes a bit blurry when so many have never known nor cared how the poorer half, have experienced life. As a gay man, I do feel more than welcomed by my peers and faculty. I must say, there are some pretty incredible people at this institution that have impacted the way I value personal relationships and my incredible privilege to be given the right to such an education. There are parts of St. Olaf I like. Such as the beautiful campus, eclectic professors and teaching methods, and the feeling of belonging. St. Olaf is a world class place for academics. Despite its many flaws, the education you receive here is definitely worth your money.

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Students at St. Olaf College

What one word or phrase best describes the typical student at this school?
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          of students say the student body is very diverse in ethnic heritage.43 responses
          of students say the student body is very diverse in national origin (international students).43 responses
          • International (Non-Citizen)
          What political party do you associate yourself with?
          • Other party not mentioned
          • I don't care about politics
          How would you best describe the political beliefs of campus as a whole?
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